21 febrero 2007

cuando lo cuenta el menos

Not much time to write. Met a Belgian, Dirk, in El Calafate (AR) three days ago. Shipped home various possessions, including a computer. Bought spare tires and tubes. Today we ride late, so as to avoid the winds. We head through the glaciers toward El Chalten (Mt. Fitzroy), and eventually up to Bariloche (probably about three weeks).

Dirk has been riding for a month and a half. Arrived in Buenos Aires, rode south to Ushuaia (with help from a couple truck drivers), and is on his way back north. We continue by way of the Andes (Chile and Argentina). I hope I'm able to keep up with him.

May be out of range for a week or more. First serious cycling in So. America. Wish me luck.


dresmall said...

you don't need luck when you got skillz, yo. godspeed.

23 febrero, 2007 13:40  
doomgoblin said...

sorry i haven't stopped by in a while gord, sounds like you've done okay without my inspiration though. best on the long ride ahead.

26 febrero, 2007 23:28  

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