09 febrero 2007

todavia planificando

I started out biking from St. Teresita, but didn´t make it far before I realized that the autopista (highway) was a bit much for me and my overloaded bici. I stopped in another town further down the coast and caught a bus to Mar del Plata, my first time here.

I think I shall have to shed some weight or reappropriate before I embark again...

In any event, Mar del Plata is no small beach resort town. This is a bona fide city, and beautiful at that. I found a cheap place (happily sans gringos) and spent last night and this morning exchanging ideas about what to see in the south and west of Patagonia. I met an Anthony Kiedis look-alike from Mendoza (as a Chili Peppers retrospective spun on Mtv in the background, appropriately enough), and we discussed Bariloche and las granjas with which I´ve been in contact. He was unsurprisingly a proponent of the one closest to Mendoza, but conceded that it would probably be a big place, and well-populated in March.

Today I need to make some decisions. It´s late enough in the season now that the south will be cold. And yet, it is probably my last time to see the south of Argentina (at least on this trip). In the meatime, today I will hopefully be able to watch my second thunderstorm over the ocean in as many weeks.

Agua, tanto agua, de donde viene?


Andrea said...

¿dónde estás, agua?

11 febrero, 2007 03:38  
Michael said...

¿dónde están mis pantalones gordos?

11 febrero, 2007 13:39  

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