16 febrero 2007

orcas, penguinos, lomos y humanos rabidos; ¿quien sabia?

Without going into too much detail, let me say that Puerto Madryn (AR) is doing everything it can to shake my confidence. I have been here for three days longer than I intended, and yet I have still haven't been able to see the enormous penguin colony just a few hours south of the city (though I did see its smaller offshoot on the Peninsula Valdez). I'm fighting off some kind of cold, and tomorrow morning (if I can end my serial bad luck) I'll be in El Calafate, with an Andean backdrop. A trek's length there, maybe a bit of biking, and then to the lake district is the plan right now.

I spent the past couple days with a British/Canadien/Argentine/Israeli guy (with citizenships and passports for each), and we discussed sci fi, business, language and "birds". He had driven his car down from his own farm in Entre Rios (to the north of Buenos Aires), and so we teamed up with a couple others and toured the peninsula together.

To be honest, I've felt something resembling stir-craziness for the past week or so. I need to get out of these beach towns. Somehow they have had a soporphic effect on my travel inertia. The mountain air is what I need. And then back north by way of Chile.